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Traditional shawl made in old fashioned looms

Enjoy our traditional Mexican hand woven rebozo! it represents an important role at the heart of Mexican heritage over many centuries ! In addition it’s wide-ranging uses, from supporting the tummies of mother to be and carrying a baby or more conventional uses as a garment and fashion item.
Perfect for work, special occasions, events, weddings, quinceaneras, Christmas, Navidad, Mother's Day, Dia de Las Madres, Mexican Independence Day, Dia de los Muertos, etc. May also be used a a decorative runner.

The main element is a woven piece made with artisela. It has an Ikat design. The unique feature is the fringe work which is hand-knotted. The end of the rebozo is left with loose threads by the weaver.

Measurements: 80” x 27”