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Experience a Piece of Mexico

Solanoexp is a sophisticated collection of jewelry, fashion and home goods made by women throughout Mexico. This is our essence. The perfect fusion of the ancestral and European miscegenation. 

Today, coal and coexist with clay and fine leather, we have created beautiful objects that have absorbed our identity and our history. Multicolor textiles, infinite textures of palm, mud from all the hills, pre-hispanic and baroque flavors; We are an inexhaustible range of opportunities for creation and evolution.

Turning a Dream into a Reality.

I’m glad that you like vibrant colors, culture, traditions and know how important it is to enjoy every moment in your life. That’s why you are here.

Solano Exp was a dream from when I was a little girl, wanting to help artisans, and now, because of people like you this dream is a reality. Thank you!

Everything started when I as a child saw how the artisans would struggle to sell their products, sometimes in the rain, cold, or even when it was very hot with their babies and children. My mother used to buy from them to help, and I would always have on my mind; what can I do to support and help the artisans sell more? I loved sales since I was eight years old and used to sell candy in my grandparents’ neighborhood.

Building a Family and Business.

Someday I knew I wanted to own my own company, but also needed to learn the laws of business, and the regulations of importing and exporting. I eventually graduated from university with an international business degree, but there was one more roadblock, I didn’t speak or understand English. After graduating, working full time with ambitions to start a business I began studying English.

I eventually joined a program in which I would learn English in the United States. Little did I know, that while living in New Jersey and studying English that I would meet my husband and have children.

Now I was building a family and a business at the same time. My love of art, music, culture would guide me in the right direction, which was to work with the artisans that I dreamt of supporting as a child. 

Enjoy the Process and the Journeys we take in Life.

There was no hesitation when I began Solano Exp and started working with the artisans. I felt a deep connection with them, and I love building relationships with them. Supporting both artisans and Mexico has been a blessing, and a journey which has given me so many wonderful experiences and has opened many doors.

That’s why it’s so important to enjoy the process and the journeys we take in life. Solano Exp is passionate about not only supporting artisans of Mexico but also collaborating with other companies and entities.

So, if you have a boutique or business and need to develop a new product let us help you, the artisans will be grateful for new opportunities. We can customize and create new products for you with the heart and soul of Mexico.

If you are a supplier diversity leader of your company’s team, please be aware you can have commercial and social benefits by helping create consistent income for families of artisans, let us customize aesthetic handmade products for your team or employees.


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