About us


Solano Exp is a sophisticated collection of jewelry, fashion and homegoods made by women throughout Mexico. We design with traditional colors, textures and materials that best reflect and celebrate Mexican culture and marry it with the high-end quality that our consumers expect.

Gabriela Tutalo

Led by Gabriela Tutalo, a Mexican-American entrepreneur, Solano Exp provides a platform for many generations of Mexican women to be seen, heard and supported for their creativity and individuality. For some, this is tradition and their way to contribute to their family’s financial wellbeing. Others are dreamers in action, constantly thinking about new ways to express themselves through the colorful, well-made products they imagine and create for sale.


Many giants in fashion and design often pull their inspiration from Mexican art and make it accessible through mass-produced products. While that is flattering, our products are quality, handcrafted items where the proceeds benefit the culture and community of Mexico in a meaningful way.


We hope you enjoy your experience with our artists’ creations and thank you for supporting us in our journey.


This is our essence. The perfect blend of the ancestral and European miscegenation. Today, coal and coexist with clay and fine leather, we have created beautiful objects that have absorbed our identity and our history. Multicolor textiles, infinite textures of palm, mud from all the hills, pre-hispanic and baroque flavors; We are an inexhaustible range of opportunities for creation and evolution.

We are proud to come from the world of artistic expressions and a country as rich as Mexico. We are full of colors, shapes and textures and at the same time multiple tastes and smells unique and unrepeatable in the world.