Experience a Piece of Mexico


Solano Exp is a sophisticated collection of jewelry, fashion and home goods made by women throughout Mexico.

This is our essence. The perfect fusion of the ancestral and European miscegenation.

Today, coal and coexist with clay and fine leather, we have created beautiful objects that have absorbed our identity and our history. Multicolor textiles, infinite textures of palm, mud from all the hills, pre-hispanic and baroque flavors; We are an inexhaustible range if opportunities for creation and evolution.


Solano Exp is your one-stop destination for resourcing original handcrafted products directly from skilled artisans worldwide.

Why Choose Us?

Gifts that Tell Stories: 

Elevate corporate gifting to a whole new level with our unique handcrafted products.

Each creation is a masterpiece that reflects the artisan's heritage, passion, and creativity - a gift that will leave a lasting impression on your clients, employees, and partners. 

Boutique Bliss: 

Boost your boutique's appeal with our exclusive handcraft collection. Our curated selection adds a touch of elegance and uniqueness to your store, attracting discerning customers who appreciate artistry and craftsmanship. 

Empowering Artisan Communities: 

We believe in empowering artisans and their communities.

By choosing our services, you actively contribute to creating sustainable livelihoods, preserving cultural heritage, traditions and fostering positive social impact.

Customized Corporate Gifting: 

Impress your stakeholders with bespoke handcrafted gifts.

We work closely with you to tailor gifts that reflect your brand's ethos, making each present a heartfelt representation of your appreciation.

Let's create a better world together!

We are proud to come from the world of artistic expressions and a country as rich as Mexico. We are full of colors, shapes and textures and at the same time multiple tastes and smells unique and unrepeatable in the world.

Explore new horizons!


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